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Removal of chimney breasts: Structural issues

The Home Condition Survey tells you about structural issues. The chimney breast in this Victorian semi-detached house, located in East London, was removed from the ground floor some time ago. No evidence of structural support was visible underneath the remaining part of the chimney breast and the ceiling at this point, within the room below, was cracked [...]

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Pitched fibre underground drains: Whats the problem?

  Pitch fibre was a material widely used in the 1960's to construct underground drain pipework. Its serviceable lifespan is only expected to last 40 years and it is prone to sudden failure and no longer used.  Any drain pipes made of pitch fibre should be replaced as soon as possible. Further advice may be obtained [...]

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Japanese Knotweed: What’s the big problem?

The purchaser of this London flat was glad i spotted this plant in the next door neighbours rear garden! Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species. It grows rapidly, sometimes by as much as 1.5m in height a month, and spreads easily by stem fragments and rhizomes, underground root systems. The root system of a [...]

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