The purchaser of this London flat was glad i spotted this plant in the next door neighbours rear garden!

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species. It grows rapidly, sometimes by as much as 1.5m in height a month, and spreads easily by stem fragments and rhizomes, underground root systems. The root system of a single plant can spread by up to 7 metres horizontally and it has the reputation of causing damage to buildings. It can prevent property sales, mortgaging and development until it is eradicated, usually done via chemical spray treatment over successive seasons, or physically removed which can be costly.

The disposal of plant matter or affected soil is now deemed as ‘controlled waste’ which means a specialist contractor should be appointed to remove it.

Land owners should instruct a suitably qualified Japanese Knotweed specialist, such as an INNSA (Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association) approved member, to investigate and manage or eradicate it.