If you’re a developer, estate agent or homeowner and need professional, well-lit interior and exterior photographs please contact us for a very competitive price.

First impressions are the most important thing in this industry. Taking sub-standard photos on a small digital camera will just not be good enough.

An extra wide angle lens on a DSLR camera are minimum requirements for showing your property’s features. Where required, off camera lighting and post production processing will show your property in its ‘best light’.

Take a look at some of the examples below.

Exterior Photography

From colourful gardens for extra flavour and distance shots where we’ll (literally!) go the extra mile, you’ll have highly useable images to make each property stand out.

And if the weather’s bad for our visit, we’ll go back once it’s improved.

Interior Photography

With a selection of angles, we’ll open up, tidy and dress interiors to make them look as spacious as possible and draw the focus to the most important parts of the room.

For atmosphere and ambience we’ll balance internal and external light sources for a perfectly presented setting.

Normal Photography

Professional Photography

Elevated Photography

Our lightweight elevated system doesn’t need attaching to a vehicle and allows us to easily shoot almost anywhere on location. Now see over fences and hedges or show the true scale of a property and its grounds.

Elevations can reveal a much clearer idea of what a property has to offer. What could an elevated shot do for your marketing?

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